Oxy-gen powered – Viva!e 60 Day Dispenser – Chrome


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Viva! E The worlds first air freshener to use new Ox-gen Powered Technology.

‘No sprays, no cans just the best technology for fragrance delivery’

Viva! E is designed and engineered to deliver consistent and continous levels of fragrance and odour control for the full 60 days life of each refill (sold separately). The multi patented medical-grade oxy-gen technology ensures precise doses of intense scent with no variation on delivery or drying out. Operates on 2 x AA alkaline batteries (not supplied) that last for up to two years.

Oxygen is pumped into the sealed chamber of the refill and deplaces the fragrance from the chamber, delivering a specified dose of fragrance onto the cellulose filter continuously. Fragrance molecules are then dispersed by natural air movement.


Other Benefits include:

  • No harmful emissions, solvents or propellants.
  • Low VOCs mean it is ideal for green building and LEED certification requirements.
  • Every refill is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in regular plastic recycling waste.
  • Less waste and safer storage.
  • The technology works agaisnt gravity so the fragrance oil can not pool or leak.

Viva! E doesn’t just mask bad odours it eliminates them with a neutraliser. ‘Neutralox’ molecules attack the malodour molecules allowing the fersh scent to spread through out the air. ‘Neutrolox eliminates bad odours such as tobacco, kitchen odours, sweat, mildew , animal and body odours.

To see how quick and easy the Viva! E is it install and service watch the simple step by step guide here


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