Oxy-gen Powered Viva!e Fragrance Refills – Case of 6


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1 Refill provides 60 days of continuous fragrance

Viva!e Refills are available in a range of unique fragrance to suite all away from home fragrancing needs. Each fragrance has it’s own intensity level from 1* being the most subtle to the strongest being 5*.

Viva!e doesn’t just mask bad odours it eliminates them with a neutraliser. ‘Neutralox’ molecules attack the malodour molecules allowing the fresh scent to spread through out the air. ‘Neutrolox eliminates bad odours such as tobacco, kitchen odours, sweat, mildew , animal and body odours.

All Viva! E refills are compliant with:

Californian Air Resources Board (CRB)


European Regulations and are also exempt from Swiss VOC taxes.


Fragrances are available in the following and are sold in cases of 6 


SOOTHE: A warm, sensual fragrance combing oudh, sandalwood and saffron. *

CLEAN: A crisp floral scent that sparkles like fresh clean cotton.  **

FLAIR: A pure, clean fragrance of delicate florals and watery notes. **

ADORE: A sophisticated fragrance that combines fresh apple notes with amber and spices. ***

BLISS:  An uplifting blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and campher with leafy crisp pine. ***

BLUSH: A warm and subtle combination of ripe berries for a juicy, fruity scent. ***

CHARM: A fantasy melon fragrance modified with cool green notes, a hint of citrus and a slightly floral background. ***

FRESH: A fruity fragrance of fresh watermelon with plum, peach, raspberry and crisp green apple. ***

GLEE: An invigorating scent of green apple and pear softened with peach and pineapple. ***

PUNCH: A tropical sensation that blends light fresh citrus with sweet mango and sun-ripened papaya. ***

SPA: A fresh, invigorating scent with fragrant lavender and spicy herbs. ***

ZEAL: A vibrant, bubbly scent of lime, lemon and grapefruit. ***

ZING: A freshky sliced, mouthwatering mandarin fragrance sweetened by lush, juicy orange. ***

BLOOM: An exotic floral scent of night flowering jasminew, orange blossom and gardenia. ****

CRUSH: An exotic mix of pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut. ****

GLOW: Juicy black cherries, hints of almond and plum on a background of vanilla and cinnamon spice. ****

TANG: An intensely fruity perfume with hints of orange supported by warm spices. ****

AURA: A refreshing accord of aromatic lavender softened by complex water flowers and lifted with a touch of energizing citrus on top ***


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Fragrance Viva!e Air Care

Punch, Soothe, Spa, Tang, Zeal, Zing, Adore, Aura, Bloom, Blush, Charm, Clean, Crush, Fresh, Flair, Glee, Glow


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