Stay Fresh

The world’s best continuous odour control system

Oxy-gen Powered is our Premium Product. Truly unique!

The innovative fragrance delivery system which uses the power of oxygen to provide a beautiful, fresh continuous fragrance and odour control for up to 90 days. There are 3 dispensers and over 15 fragrances to choose from.

No complicated programming, just simple, patented technology that allows the customer choice of intensity and longevity. An ideal solution, already proven in health authorities and care homes.

Powerful, stylish and safe, the Oxygen Powered range use no added VOCs and are non-Aerosol based. Carbon footprint approved, all refill cartridges are 100% recyclable.

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Our Viva!e air-care range offers 60 days of continuous fresh, clean fragrance

Powered by its unique, patented delivery system, Viva!e not only neutralises odours but, unlike aerosols, provides consistent fragrance to your washroom or workplace
Over 20 fragrances to choose from
Also available as a non-fragrance option, using “Neutra-lox”, our highly effective odour neutraliser
Carbon footprint approved, using only 100% recyclable cartridges
Safe, Silent, Stylish


  • The Oxy-Pro is our programmable dispenser offering 30, 60 or 90 days of beautiful fragrance and odour control
  • Over 20 fragrances to choose from
  • Also available as a non-fragrance option, using “Neutra-lox”, our highly effective odour neutraliser
  • 2 types of refill cartridges:
    • Grande – can be programmed for 30, 60 or 90 days of fragrance
    • Regular – to be replaced every 30 days

The Shield is designed for style and protection. The Shield’s unique ventilation design ensures maximum airflow so that fresh fragrance is carried into the room.

Vandal and tamper proof – the dispenser’s smooth contours means that potential vandals are unable to grip and tamper with the system. Shield adds style to your facility without compromising security and effectiveness. Ideal for transport and heavy foot-fall areas such as shopping centres.

Has been certified and approved for use on the UK Rail Network.

Continuous fragrance for 30 days

The highly effective malodour eliminator, Neutra-lox, neutralises bad smells and keeps the urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days.
The Fab 30 screens are impregnated with high-impact fragrances for a fresh-smelling restroom.
The Fab 30 screens have curved ribs with an increased height at its three endpoints, and optimum space between these ribs helps eliminate urines splash-back.
Available in 10 designer fragrances

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