Stay Safe

Nordichem is not like your standard wipe-on/wipe-off sanitiser. It is a highly effective, long-lasting anti-microbial coating. Its mechanical kill is highly effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria, including human coronavirus, creating a safer environment for you and your colleagues. Nordichem will continue to protect those areas that may be missed by your routine cleaning.

We chose Nordichem over other long-lasting coatings due to its sustainability as it is supplied in concentrate form, giving you over 4 times as much coverage in a single container as you would get with an RTU solution.

It provides water-based, odourless protection is UK tested, certified to EN14476, ISO 21702, EN1276

Its proven formula provides up to 60 days of protection, giving you reassurance even if you have rubbish cleaners

Full training can be provided on how to apply the product. Please contact the team for more information.

How it works

This product can be applied to almost any surface, which enables an entirely new level of protection in your facility. Our formula is a next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application. Protection for up to 60 days plus.

The ingredients have been tested and found to be effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria, creating an inhospitable surface for these dangerous microorganisms, and keeping your facility safer for everyone. The coating is not removed by regular cleaning and disinfecting, providing an additional layer of protection between cleanings.


Once the coating has dried, it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrate and destroy cell membranes. Due to these “nanospikes”, our product’s process of elimination is mechanical instead of chemical in comparison with other long-term solutions such as silver ion and copper.
This is extremely effective in both high and low traffic areas. The active ingredient in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered and compliant. The coating can be applied to and bonds with almost any surface – porous or non-porous, metal, leather, fabric etc. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that Nordic Chem be applied by a professionally trained installer.
Nordic Chem Antimicrobial can be applied in almost every business or industry. Public Transport, Hospitals, by First Responders, Homes, Gyms, Textiles, Schools, Restaurants, Casinos and many more.

The coatings contain no VOC, heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, phenol groups, or odour causing agents that can lead to allergies or asthma.