Introducing Nordic Chem 2.0 – A Breakthrough Innovation

We are really excited to announce that our partners at Nordic Chem have developed an amazing new product!

More than an antimicrobial coating, Nordic Chem 2.0 creates a highly repellent layer on the surface. Not only will it protect the substrate from harmful pathogens and contaminants, it will rejuvenate it, creating a whole new enhanced aesthetic look and also provide a smooth, clean feel to the skin at first touch.

Nordic Chem sanitises surfaces on a continuous basis without the need for endless spray and wipe, which considerably reduces the use of chemicals while increasing the level of hygiene in a premises. The strong hydrophobic and smooth surface properties provided to the substrate create a self-cleaning effect that and highly facilitates the maintenance of the surface.

The solution is charged with strong hydrophobic agents which provide self-cleaning properties to any surface. The product has proven to save commercial cleaners approximately 20% in labour time due to the coating’s anti-stain, contaminants protection and repulsive properties, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

After the application of Nordic Chem 2.0, customers can expect a significant reduction in use of chemicals and cleaning products. The product is sold in a concentrated solution, to reduce the use of plastics by 75%.

Nordic Chem 2.0 is a long-term coating and therefore remains on the surface 24/7, this provides customers a far more sustainable solution than the daily use of cleaning agents.

Independently tested to the following standards: EN 1276:2019, ISO 21702:2019 (30, 60 & 90 day Human Coronavirus test), ISO 22196:2011, EN 13697, EN 14476 & EN 14561

Please contact Tim for further information.