Water Management

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ES50 Water Management Device
The ES50 Water Management device, controls the flow of water to the cistern to reduce the amount of flushing water. It can work as part of the Water Warrior urinal system,the Eco Cap system or as a stand alone device. ..
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Flushmaster PIR Sensor Water Management System
The flushmaster is a battery controlled sensor and valve system designed to automatically control water used for flushing urinals, offering saving of up to 95%. The passive infa-red sensor detects motion near the urinal flushing t..
Water Warrior Install Kit
The Water Warrior install kit is designed to offer a complete urinal package. The install kit allows you to convert your existing urinals to our unique water saving system. The waste outlet contains a hygiene valve that ..
Water Warrior Cartridge
Working in conjunction with the Water Warrior waste housing (sold separately) the system combats urinal odours and blockages. The Water Warrior Cartridge helps reduce the main causes of urinal blockages, uric sal..
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