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The products in our specialist range have all been designed to solve a specific problem. Whether it's the clean up of spillages,the sanitising of a door handle, toilet seat or other problem areas within the washroom environment there is a product here that can work for you.

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Soluclean Daily Use Toilet Cleaner - Mint Fragrance
The highly scented Sulphamic acid based Toilet cleaner descaler with thixotropic porperties rapidly removes lime scale and general soiling from toilets and urinals. It’s viscous formula clings to vertical surfaces, ..
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Soluclean Degreaser Cleaner - Fragrance Free Powder Sachets (150 per Tub)
A powerful detergent and degreaser formulated to clean, degrease and deodorise washable surfaces such as work surfaces, tiles, walls, floors, cooker hoods and extraction systems. Safe to use on food preparation areas. Contai..
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Soluclean Disinfectant Cleaner Powder Sachets - Lemon Fragrance  (150 per tub)
A multi-surface “Chlorine free” cleaner that offers cleaning and decontamination capabilities that rival chlorine based detergents, without the long term side effects that “chlorine” cleaning can present. Effectively kills the ..
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Soluclean Surface Sanitiser - Food Safe - Fragrance Free
Formulated especially for the Food & Catering Industry the product is safe to be used in all food preparation areas and can be used on all surfaces and catering and kitchen equipment and implements. Independently tested to ..
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