Soluclean Liquid

Soluclean is the eco-friendly and easy-to-use range of pre-measured concentrated cleaning products; encapsulated in water soluble film that can be used in trigger spray bottles for work surfaces and mop-buckets or scrubber driers for floor cleaning. The sachets provide a practical, safe, economical and eco-friendly alternative to mixing and diluting liquid chemicals and ready to use cleaning products.

Soluclean offers a comprehensive range of eco-friendly and easy to use liquid sachets specially formulated for use in trigger sprays.

  • User Friendly - Sachet is safe, fast and easy to use. Simply add warm water to one sachet to make ready to use cleaning solution.
  • Time Saving - No need to waste time mixing and diluting liquid cleaners detergents.
  • Cost Effective - No Spill, No waste, No risk of overdosing like liquid detergents and reduced transport costs.
  • Performance - Maximum Cleaning Performance guaranteed.
  • Space Saving - Reduced storage space required.
  • Eco Friendly - Reduced packaging waste as the sachet is 100% biodegradable.
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Soluclean 750ml Bottles (screen printed)
Colour coded, durable screen printed 750ml bottles for use with Soluclean liquid sachets,reducing the chances of cross-contaminating bottles and reducing packaging waste.  Daily use Toilet Cleaner bottle is 1Ltr. ..
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Soluclean All Purpose Cleaner - Mango Fragrance
A rapid drying cleaner, formulated to clean, degrease and shine, it dries without residue suitable for all modern surfaces. Dilution Ratio: 1 x 15ml sachet dilutes to give 750ml ready to use product. pH: 7 when diluted for u..
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Soluclean Bio Washroom Cleaner - Mint Fragrance
Formulated for cleaning all washable surfaces throughout the washroom and maintain urianl based water management systems. The Biological Washroom Cleaner and Odour Neutraliser contains highly active micro-organisms to eliminate..
Soluclean Daily Use Toilet Cleaner - Mint Fragrance
The highly scented Sulphamic acid based Toilet cleaner descaler with thixotropic porperties rapidly removes lime scale and general soiling from toilets and urinals. It’s viscous formula clings to vertical surfaces, ..
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Soluclean Glass & UPVC Cleaner
Fast acting formulation cleans and degreases all glass and Upvc surfaces leaving surfaces smear free Dilution Ratio:  1 x 5ml sachet dilutes to give 750ml ready to use product pH:  7 when diluted for use Packed:..
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Soluclean Surface Sanitiser - Food Safe - Fragrance Free
Formulated especially for the Food & Catering Industry the product is safe to be used in all food preparation areas and can be used on all surfaces and catering and kitchen equipment and implements. Independently tested to ..
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Soluclean Surface Sanitiser- Fresh Mint Fragrance
Fomulated to sanitise and clean all modern surfaces.  A versaitle sanitiser cleaner for use in non-food areas where hygiene concerns are of paramount importance. Dilution Ratio:  1 x 15ml sachet dilutes to give 750ml ..
Soluclean Washroom Cleaner - Floral Bouquet Fragrance
Formulated for cleaning all washable surfaces in the bathroom or washroom.  Safe to use on stainless steel. Effectively removes body fat, soap scum and general soiling from all washable surfaces (toilets, showers, b..
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