Hagleitner XIBU

Enviro-Save are pleased to offer you the Hagleitner XIBU range of washroom dispensers and comsumables.

With this truley innovative range you can 100% confident you are getting the best 'washroom system'  available today.

What makes the XIBU range so special?

  • Sophisticated design allows for co-ordination between dispensers
  • Excellent economic efficiency
  • High-quality materials
  • "Never empty" (intelligent reserve function feature)

 The XIBU range of dispensers are also available in numerous different finishes, please contact us for more information

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XIBU Foam Disinfectant 600ml / 6pack - Please contact for prices
Disinfectant Foam Soap for gentle disinfection and hand cleaning. Supplied in Cartons of  6 x 600ml vacuum bags. The cleaning and disinfecting power of Hagleitner Sept Foam Soap is undeniable. Power which creates a prod..
XIBU Foam Soap 600ml / 6 pack - Please contact for price
A high-quality Foam Hand Soap supplied in 6 X 600ml cartons. When used in the Hagleitner touchFOAM Dispenser the soap comes out as a rich creamy foamy-froth; that cleans, cares and caresses your hands, regardless of the dirt th..
XIBU Mulit Roll Towel - 205mtrs / 5pack - Please contact for prices
Multi roll paper towel for use with in the XIBU touchTOWEL dispenser. Supplied in cases of 5 x 205 metres per roll it takes up less storage space and lasts for considerably longer than standard paper towels. T..
XIBU senseFRESHAIR Dispenser - Please contact for prices
The XIBU senseFRESHAIR Dispenser is a high-tech dispenser by Hagleitner unrivaled in it's economical performance. Programmable, the dispenser can operate at the rate your rooms are frequented (via use of a m..
XIBU senseFRESHAIR Refills 300ml / 8pack - Please contact for prices
XIBU refills for use with in the senseFRESHAIR dispenser are propellant-free, resulting in an air-freshener that is friendly to the environment Packed in a case of 8 x 300ml each case consists of 2 refills of the following..
XIBU Toilet Tissue 950sh 2ply (42 rolls/box) - Please contact for prices
 Multi Roll Toilet Paper 2-Ply Toilet Paper Roll for the Hagleitner Touch Tissue Paper dispenser.Each carton contains 42 Rolls of 950 sheet Toilet Paper rolls.   ..
XIBU Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Please contact for prices
The XIBU Touch Tissue Dispenser has a unique spring loaded mechanism that builds up tension whilst toilet paper is being withdrawn, allowing for easy tearing. This mechanism encourages minimal usage of toilet paper, saving in..
XIBU touchFOAM Dispenser - Please contact for prices
Elegant soap dispenser from the modern XIBU series. Equipped with a mechanical system allowing applications for both foam soap and foam disinfectant with adjustable dosing: 0.3, 0.6 or 0.9 ml, equivalent to ..
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XIBU touchTOWEL Dispenser - Please contact for prices
An economic and reliable paper towel dispenser form Hagleitner with dual towel capacity ensureing a convenient drying experience. Equipped with the unique Hagleitner dual roll system, the dispenser automatically engages the res..
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